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Artist's Statement


Currently living and working in Houston, Texas, Gregory Bergeron draws from his years in architecture, interior design, and fine art to create pieces that embody the design concepts of shape, line, texture, pattern, illusion, form, and color. In his more whimsical, "realist landscapes" one can see all these experiences transformed into engaging paintings of places you may remember from your daily lives.


He approaches each piece as a process of abstract problem solving. His work also incorporates the skills learned from designing murals and making decorative paint finishes. Occasionally he will use a realistic, architecturally rendered approach to portray overlooked and possibly vanishing scenes of the urban landscape.


He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Architecture, and has worked and studied fine art in Houston, Galveston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Los Angeles.


For information or commissions, please contact the artist on the contact link above.


Artist's Statement


My recent work represents an exploration within the modernist tradition of experimentation.


From Cubism, I am influenced by the push/pull device where the flatness of the surface and abstract forms move forward and back in space.


From Abstract Expressionism, these pieces employ the idea of an all over composition where there is even distribution of form and color across the entire surface.


From Minimalism, I am using the grid as a program to begin the process of composing the surface. These grids and geometric patterns are obscured by layers of color, shapes and collage elements assembled with spontaneity.


My background and education in architecture and interior design have influenced my approach to structure vs. complexity, composition vs. deconstruction and the use of color.


My work embodies my appreciation of the music of Bach and Phillip Glass where phrases are repeated and manipulated into dense spatial experiences.

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